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NAME :                Mark "Deuce" Mcghee

AGE :    



Over the previous 25 plus years of my angling life I have been involved in all aspects of the sport. But I always come back to my love of the pursuit of large fresh water fish both home & abroad. Despite having to work full time in the ships chandlers as well as trying to get my own aquatics business off the ground I have been lucky  enough to catch an ever increasing impressive tally of large fish including carp up to 51 lbs 2 oz abroad & 42 lbs 2 oz English, cat fish to 61 lbs, pike to 32 lbs, bream to 14 lbs, barbel to 10 lbs, tench to 9 lbs, chub to 7 lbs, perch to 4 lbs, roach & rudd to 3 lbs.

As I write this I am currently planning the down fall of a few Norfolk 40 lb + carp, my challenge for this season. As well as continuing a spot of guesting on a venue that contains some special old history fish which shall remain nameless for certain reasons!

If by chance we should bump into one another on the bank, pop in for a chat & a cuppa - the kettle is always on. Until then, be lucky & tight lines!!




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