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SPA  SHELLFISH PROTIEN.GLM, THIS IS A REPLICA OF MY ORIGINAL OCEAN PROTIEN MIX WITH SOME TWEAKS. An HNV crustacean mix which has to be used just to realise just how good it is, the marine extracts used in this mix are a bit special, the combination has been tried & tested for 20 years, some extracts are very subtle in smell & taste but their strength is in their food value & ability to attract carps from long distances, these extracts represent the typical foods carp are likely to find in their natural feeding habitat, they have high biological values & are over 90% digestible. Shellfish protein contains 10% pure green shell muscle, shrimp, crayfish, lobster & pre digested fish extracts, we have included krill meal, pre digested fish meal, LT94, kelp powder, Spirulina, rice protein, paprika, wholemeal semolina, full fat Soya flour, mp60 protein, acid, casein rennet casein whey protein concentrate, lactalbium, full fat calf milk, haiths mixed ground bird foods, vitamin/mineral supplement, dried brewers yeast & low temperature feeding triggers this bait is exceptional all year. We have changed the liquid food source to replace the now discontinued L0-30 it contains fish,krill and tuna hydroslates black caviare attractor ,feed inducers, salmon oil, this is one of my first choices when fishing big fish waters.

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