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SPA BAITS PRO-CRAYFISH, a dedicated HNV mix containing European crayfish meal, I have been lucky enough to have used this since 2006 in one of a European clients mix, a very special ingredient and seems to catch fish when all else fails, we have given a lot of thought to this mix and feel it represents the taste ,texture and natural food signals carp will find in their natural environment, this mix has a very high crayfish meal content, krill meal, LT fish meal ,FM90 protein,kelp powder, brewers yeast, M60 maze protein, semolina ,full fat soya meal, acid casein, rennet casein, calcium cassinate, lactalibium, whey protein concentrate, spa premium clo, haiths soft bill ,predigested fish meal, tiger nut meal and soluble liver powder, the liquid supplement contains fermented shrimp,krill hydroslate  liver aid and ,salmon oil, plus 2 feeding triggers, this bait will be a heavy hitter from the off and the more its used it just seems to get better and better.