SPA MAPLE DIGEST THIS IS A REPLICA OF MY ORIGINAL LT94 MAPLE DIGEST . This is an identical mix to the RED FISH but we have taken out most of the fish meal & replaced it with QUALITY milk & whey proteins we also use Haiths range of highly digestible bird foods, and have also omitted the robin red but left the red pepper oleoresins as part of the attraction package. This mix performs all year and especially well during the colder months where attraction and digestion is of paramount importance. Maple digest contains high levels of soluble milk proteins & has a very low oil content allowing maximum leakage of attractors. A very different mix to the normal milk -bird food mixes available and contains several advanced feeding triggers that perform at EXTREMELY low temperatures. The liquid food package contains our special maple attractor containing fenegreek oleoresin, molasses, liver attract, talin sweetener, salmon oil during the summer months, and 2 specialist food enhancers used extensively in aquaculture.


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