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    SPA FSB ,THIS IS A REPLICA OF THE ORIGINAL LT94 MIX WITH SOME ADDED TWEAKS. This mix is dedicated HNV red fish meal, a highly nutritious blend of LT94 fish meals, pre-digested CPSM 90 fish meal, krill meal, acid, rennet & , whey protein concentrate, calcium cassInate, lactalbium, liver powder, pharmaceutical kelp powder, full fat Soya flour , M60 maze protien,Complex sugars, soluble yeast, Haiths robin red and other supplementary bird foods a vitamin / mineral supplement, lecithins & pre-digested marine extracts, we have worked on the taste and texture of the bait to replicate as near as possible a natural food source,the FSB liquid food source contains soluble liver,crustacean solubles, malted grain extract, specialist food enhancers, paprika oleoresin , Atlantic salmon oil low levels of the original frankfurter sausage attractor and black-pepper essential oil,use it as a long term food source,catches from the off.