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    SPA BAITS AK this is my son Sam’s Antarctic krill bait , what a great catcher, quietly smashing up waters all over Europe and the UK it's been around for about 5 years and still catches more than its fair share, contains high levels of Antarctic krill meal, predigested fish meal, LT fish meal, spa clo, Haiths nectar-blend and ptx, a blend of spices ,full fat soya wholemeal semolina, M60 maze protein . Crunchy seaweed meal , acid casein, rennet casien, calcium cassinate, whey protein concentrate, lactabium, the obvious liquid for this mix is krill hydroslate boosted with tuna hydroslate, CSP soluble protein, paprika oleoresin a subtle krill attractor ,salmon oil and a very special feed stimulant that actively encourages feeding.

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