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Leigh Leavesley
Head Consultant

I started fishing at a very young age; local rivers and lakes then moving into match fishing before progressing to carp fishing in my teenage years. I have fished all manor of waters throughout the UK but my passion is big windswept gravel pits chasing those special fish. I am currently pitting my wits against the fish in the mighty St Ives Complex along with a couple of other special waters and day tickets throughout the UK. 

My go-to approach is a bottom bait on my favourite wide gape combi rig. I'm also willing to adapt to any given situation. My favourite bait has to be the Milky Fizz but I use all of the bait from the SPABAITS range. 

I have been lucky to catch some amazing fish from all over the country, but as of yet nothing comes close to the St Ives carp. There is just something about these fish and the waters they come from.

Andrew Porter

My carp angling the past 4/5 years have consisted of 2 waters on the same ticket in the North West. With fish as old as the hills and some mega history behind them it’s been an awesome bit of angling! Since moving to SPA baits using the FSB, the results have just got better, resulting in one of my two main targets “C scale”! The fish well over 40 years old and the complex’s biggest fish! I have also coarse and sea fished intermittently in the past but my true love is carp fishing. One venue I have a soft spot for is horseshoe lake in the Cotswolds. Such a brilliant big pit with access on a day ticket and old crusty originals to go for!

With me predominantly spot fishing in recent times I have favoured the Ronnie rig massively! The hook holds are immense and I very rarely lose fish. Saying that I am adaptable and will fish with different presentations to suit the situation. 

Luke Boldison

Luke Boldison Age 26 Location Hertfordshire Uk mirror pb 44.08 Uk common pb 32.08 Luke has been fishing since he was 10 years old. He started out fishing on the river colne and the grand union canal catching smaller species which is where he caught his first carp from a few years later, ever since then he’s been hooked in to carp fishing, he spent a lot of time fishing club waters but now he mainly targets harder syndicate venues. Luke has been working on and with fisherys for 7 years Favourite venue: yateley car park lake Favourite bait: milky fizz Favourite rig: slip d noodle rig Favourite capture on the bait is a fish called 3 scale from the yateley car park lake my first uk 40, caught over AK and milky fizz

Craig Thomas

I have been carp fishing since I was a young lad catching carp up to double figures on local farm ponds. As I’ve got older I’ve travelled all around the country fishing day ticket waters and have been lucky enough to catch a few along the way. I’ve also fished in France a lot over the years and managed to catch common carp up to 74 lb and mirrors up to 63 lb . I’m currently fishing a local syndicate in the South West called Lakeside View, this has to be one of my favourite waters . Beautiful well run fishery with absolutely beautiful looking carp. My current English PB was caught from here in July 2020 at a very welcome 44 lbs. This fish was caught on the AK which is a very good bait and has caught me a lot of fish. In recent months I’ve been using the FSB and this bait has caught most of my fish this year. I’ve found fishing a pink FSB dumbell hook bait over this to be very effective on my syndicate. Rig wise IQ D rigs have to be one of my favourite rigs at the minute for hard bottom lake beds . If silty or choddy I then turn to spinner rigs fished on helicopter set ups .

Jay Haberland

With 25+ years of carp fishing experience and the young age of 33 I’ve been extremely privileged to fish a magnitude of waters and along the way have been lucky enough to add a few specimens to my photo album along the way with 3 x 40lb plus fish to 47.12. My ventures nowadays are mainly on local club waters in the Essex area. With these being at times extremely busy I have chosen to pick the most quiet and difficult of waters available to me. I have been with Spa Baits for a couple of years now and if I have learnt one thing it’s been that a good quality bait speaks volumes. My rigs and approach have gone full circle and I now fish the most simplest of ways available with my main focus being where I place my rigs and ensuring I offer the best food source available. My chosen rig is a simple slip d on straight through supple braid. My chosen hook bait is just a bait straight from the bag soaked in the accompanying food source liquid. Maple Digest has been my choice and it has never let me down. It some cases it has been deadly increasing my catch rate by a whopping 1000% in just my first season since joining the team. My most notable catch since I have joined would be a fish named two tone and 41.12. Being a fish that rarely gives itself up easily I was lucky enough to land this fish after a hard campaign last year which bought me 33 fish on a water that others blanked on all year. I am extremely excited for the future of my carp fishing being with this team and can see it only going one way as the years go by. Tight lines all.

Joe Darby

Hi my names Joe, I've been general fishing since a young age and properly carp fishing for quite a few years now. Mostly fishing in the Devon area, various day tickets and a few syndicates. Since using spa baits I've mostly been using the FSB which has done me constant bites on a variety of waters.

Richard Beamish

I’ve fished all sorts of venues in the past; from tricky local Norfolk waters to where I find myself these days on a 100 acre low stock sailing club water with some proper Old English carp. I find myself at home there. I use a mixture of the FSB and Maple Digest with Nouvelle Fizz pop ups which I’ve had some success on. They've helped me catch my favourite carp to date out of the big pit. I'm still on there currently, chasing a Norfolk 40, that’s my mission.

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